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Posted a ton of sketches from my blog recently!  Have a look-see:

Time to dive in…

Did a sketch of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. ‘GERONIMO!!!!’

Cafe sketching!


In many ways, being an animator is like being a puppeteer, but with thousands of points of articulation.

For Halloween, I drew a Weeping Angel. #dontblink

Go, white and blue! GO MU!

Drawings, photos, and clippings from my trip to Eastern Europe (Munich, Austria, Vienna, Prague) last July!  Hope you guys like it!!


Follow the link HERE:  

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to share the brand new Monsters University trailer with you all!  Time to enroll!

Hey everyone! I’ve recently updated my blog with TONS of new sketches!  Check them out at my blog! Cheers!

Brave fun fact!

Did you know that Queen Elinor’s dress was inspired by the dress worn by actress Ellen Terry for the stage play of MacBeth in 1889? It made such an impression on John Singer Sargent that he immediately painted the striking actress!

The dress had over 1000 irridescent beetle wings sewn onto it and was recently restored!

I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Doctor Who.  Season 7 can’t come soon enough!

Recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Disney Concept Art blog!  Hope these questions help all the aspiring animators out there!  Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to read this!


I asked Pixar animator Chris Chua if he would do a little interview for my blog and he.. said yes! Here it is:

Q: When did you first become interested in animation?

A: Well, I’ve always loved to draw since i could remember. My parents always encouraged and inflamed my love of drawing by…

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Hey everybody, Pixar is auctioning off some items on Ebay for the Japan Tsunami.  Please feel free to reblog to help spread the word.  All proceeds go to the Tsunami fund.  Thanks!


Hey, guys! Artist Help Japan is a charity that gives 100% of proceeds to the Japan Tsunami Fund of Mercy Corp.

The basis? Tons of rare Pixar collectibles are up for auction on eBay! Signed cast hats from Pixar products, original artwork and work by some of our favorite artists.

Go check it out, even if you can’t bid, or at least spread the word!

Scanned in a bunch of cafe sketches from today.  I’ll be posting them on my BLOG soon but here’s a little peek!  Check out my old sketches HERE.